Monday, February 28, 2011

BPM measurement applications

I started using Cadence for Mac OSX (PC and iphone versions available) to figure out the BPM of selected songs in my playlists, and this first one came out at 146 BPM. I am still trying to understand the connection between BPM and running cadence. I seem to be keeping a fairly steady 84 BPM in my running cadence, but I don't feel the music interferes with it, even if I sing along. If anyone knows the connection between running cadence and song BPM, please leave a comment. Typically I don't run at a fixed steady pace, especially with varying terrain (on a treadmill you can't help keeping a steady pace), which makes it easier to adjust to a song's BPM. I also think that for much faster songs, let us say ones around 168 BPM (which would be double the 84 BPM cadence I have been sticking to), one could run at half the speed of the actual BPM. I just find it curious that I can keep an 84 BPM cadence while listening to music with varying BPMs.

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