Monday, February 28, 2011

Holiday | Green Day

SONG: Holiday - BAND: Green Day < Click to Stream whole song
BPM: 146

Holiday / Boulevard of Broken Dreams - American Idiot

I like the drum beat in this song, as well as the lyrics (I tried to figure out the lyrics by listening, but finally looked them up, and was a bit surprised at the words I mis-interpreted, although that is neither here nor there...someone made a funny viddeo about those mis-hearings). Maybe the appeal of this song is its current relevance to daily occurrences in the news from around the world, or perhaps it is just the bounciness of the tune, but it is one of the songs that I've occasionally replayed while running up hills in order to keep the motivation going..

For some reason, iTunes will only let you purchase the MP3 of Holiday attached to the band's other hit Boulevard of Broken Dreams...there is no way to purchase just the song Holiday from iTunes, unless you want the single from the Broadway Musical, which isn't the same. Go figure. Boulevard of Broken Dreams isn't a bad song, but you can't even hear in the preview how the two songs meld (or don't). Do they segue? Who knows.

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